Robotics And Machine ANalytics Laboratory (RAMAN LAB) Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

Biomedical Engineering

The future of authentication, chronic disease and player fitness diagnosis lies in this field. Gait of a person is unique which allows multiple-mode authentication in banks. Osteo-arthritis is a disease most commonly occurs within elderly group of people. Early detection can help patients to become health cautious at an early stage. Gait analysis has multiple scopes in the field of other disease diagnosis.

An engineering marvel that could help physically disabled people to move from one place to another by signalling the automotive through brain signals. A wheelchair is capable of moving in a plain surface. Accordingly signals from the brain can be classified into left and right and stop in order to move the wheelchair.

Exoskeleton robots are a unique form of professional service robots, deployed in a wide range of applications, intended to mimic, augment or enhance the body's own movements. These robots provide essential support for human motion, with potential uses ranging from consumer products to military deployment.

Seizure detection can help the doctors in the network to get in touch with the patient immediately.

Robotic exoskeletons involve sensors, actuators, mechanical structures, algorithms, and control strategies capable of acquiring information to execute a motor function.

Hand gesture recognition is a technology that interprets hand movements as commands. It has applications in fields like Human-Computer Interaction, allowing users to interact with devices without physical touch 1. In computer vision, it involves classifying dynamic or static hand gestures, which can be useful for sign language translation, virtual environment control, and more.


Training Dataset

Testing Dataset

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