Robotics And Machine ANalytics Laboratory (RAMAN LAB) Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

1 Design and development of Robotic-Fish
2 Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles.
3 Demand Side Management.
4 Automation of Wheelchair for Handicap persons.
5 AI based Parameter Identification of Images.
6 Data Mining with Neural Networks.
7 Feature Extraction from music signals.
8 Agent Based Optimization Techniques.
9 Disease Identification with Fuzzy Inference System.
10 Finger Print Identification using AI.
11 Human-computer Interface.
12 Identification and control of PMSM using Neural Networks.
13 Simulation and Analysis of Matrix Converter Controlled Induction Motor Drive.
14 Development of Fuzzy Type-2 Controllers.
15 Optimization of Controller parameters through Evolutionary Algorithms.
16 Simulation and Analysis of Multi-level Inverters.
17 Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive with Fuzzy controllers.
18 Neural based Sensorless Control of PMBLDC motor for high performance applications.
19 A PFC based High Performance Induction Motor Drive with Sensorless Control.
20 Modeling and Simulation of SRM Drive with Fuzzy based Sensorless Control.
21 Development of Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm .
22 Neuro Fuzzy controllers.
23 Comprehensive study of first order and second order system using fuzzy logic controller.
24 Development and analysis of neural controller for vector controlled drive.
25 Simulation and Analysis of various UPS schemes.
26 A fuzzy controller improving linear model following controller for permanent magnet Synchronous motor.
27 Development of knowledge based Fuzzy logic controllers for vehicles.
28 Speed control of a PMSM drive without a shaft sensor.
29 Fuzzy logic control of a single phase AC/DC Buck Boost converter.
30 Adaptive Current Control of Induction Machine using Artificial Neural Networks

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